For the 800 Platform

The New Step accessories for the NautiBuoy 800 sizes of Platforms.

After several requests for custom pieces, we decided to introduce these 3 different step options onto our standard product list.

*These are only available for 800 sizes of the platform *(both Voyager and Sport)

Steps - For the 800 Platform

Three Options

The steps run across the length of the 800 sizes of platform and attach simply to the velcro already attached to the platform.

The three different options of steps are all securely attached to the platforms velcro strips and with webbing straps and marine grade buckles, to the D-Rings of the platform.

They can be used with or without our 2.0M L-Bow joints.

New to the NautiBuoy range for 2024

Take it step by step.

The Triple Step

The Triple step, is suitable for yachts over 50 meters with higher transoms. The steps are 60cm in height, with each step being 20cm in height.

Guests can walk down either side elegantly, to their beach club/water sports centre.

The unit is made up of 3 chambers, all bonded together, with our trademark PE Foam Teak finish on the surface providing a comfortable, non-skid surface under foot even when wet.

The Triple Step

The Long Step

The Long Step option is suitable for all sizes of yachts that use an 800 alongside the transom.

The Long Step

The Short Step

The Short step option is suitable for all sizes of yachts that use an 800 at right angles to the stern as a single platform Jet ski dock or run way to other platforms and toys.

The Short Step

"We needed a simple solution to allow our passenger guests access to the floating beachclub set up. The transom is raised up to 1 metre out of the water. NautiBuoys triple steps solved this dilema. Now all of our guests can enjoy the water sports equipment."

Captain. Emerald Azzurra. 110m Luxury Cruise Ship

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Star formation
Connected together
Connected to platform

Due to design changes and improvements, the Platforms & Steps present in the pictures may
not exactly depict the product purchased by the consumer.

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