Safe Environment

NautiBuoy’s new inflatable and netted SeaPools create a comfortable space to enjoy the water without the risk of jellyfish or other sea life.

Available in two sizes, the SeaPools provide a safe environment for children to play in, with a safe barrier protecting them from the marine wildlife.

SeaPool - safe environment

Premium Materials

Designed with an extraordinarily firm underfoot, the sides of the superior pools are perfect for docking water toys and small tenders, or connecting other products from the NautiBuoy range.

Made from premium grade drop-stitch material, 4 kevlar reinforced D-Rings and fitted with marine grade zips for net attachment, NautiBuoy’s SeaPools are the much-needed addition to the brand’s modular system.

New to the NautiBuoy range for 2024

A comfortable, relaxing, safe space, to enjoy the water.

SeaPool 400

Our 4m x 4m SeaPool is ideal for smaller yachts wanting a safe area for friends and family to relax in the water. Quick to inflate and easy to stow, this size of pool can be enjoyed by owners of all sizes of vessel.


SeaPool 600

Our larger 6m x 4m SeaPool is perfect for the larger vessel. With a 5m interior, guests can get in some laps, whilst knowing they are safe from the critters floating by. These can be used solo or attached to any one of the NautiBuoy range of products.


"These are such a great product, that can be used for both the cruise ships we supply and the Superyachts we cater for. With jellyfish seeming to grow in numbers, swimming behind the vessel can be rather daunting. These products solve that and provide a safe swimming area for guests of all ages."

John App. CEO. Eyos Cruise Ship supply

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Connected together
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Due to design changes and improvements, the Platforms & SeaPools present in the pictures may
not exactly depict the product purchased by the consumer.

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