E-Foil Dock

Drive On, Drive Off

Responding to the huge boom of E-foiling boards on the market, NautiBuoy has designed a drive on, drive off solution to dock the wide variety of boards available, allowing the board to pivot 180 degrees in the slot, ready for the next flying session.

E-Foil Dock - drive on, drive off

Inflates in Seconds

The C-Dock avoids the need for repetitive lifting of Seabobs from in and out of the water.

The new NautiBuoy E-Foil Dock takes seconds to inflate and attaches to existing platforms, using its Air Toggle technology. Inflating and attaching to the platform takes boaters less than a minute and requires very little space for stowage.

Perfect E-Foil Solution

They can also be used as Solo E-Foil docks, without being attached to the inflatable platforms. Provided the Air Toggle is attached and inflated on the underside, the 10cm thick E-Foil dock can be tethered to the stern of a vessel or alongside a pontoon, and attached using lines to the reinforced D-rings.

This is the perfect solution for anyone with an E-Foil.

(Air Toggle not included)

E-Foil Dock - drive on, drive off

New to the NautiBuoy range for 2024

The drive-on, drive-off solution.

E-Foil Dock top view

"What a practical and fun product to use. I've tested it with the smallest board on the market and it worked like a charm. A must for anyone using E-foils."

Sebastian Devonshire. CEO Ibizafoils.

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Connected together
Connected to platform

Due to design changes and improvements, the Platforms & E-Foil Docks present in the pictures may
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