Which accessories do you require?

Taller transoms are no problem

Add steps to your NautiBuoy 800 Platform

We recognise that transoms vary in height and design. To improve ease of access to your beach club/water sports centre, we’ve developed a new range of steps. These allow your guest to transfer from platform to yacht with ease.

These are only available for 800 sizes of the platform (both Voyager and Sport)

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Triple Step

The Triple step, is suitable for yachts over 50 meters with higher transoms. The steps are 60cm in height, with each step being 20cm in height.

The unit is made up of 3 chambers, all bonded together, with our trademark PE Foam Teak finish on the surface providing a comfortable, non-skid surface under foot even when wet.

The steps run across the length of the 800 sizes of platform and attach simply to the velcro already attached to the platform.

The three different options of steps are all securely attached to the platforms velcro strips and with webbing straps and marine grade buckles, to the D-Rings of the platform.

They can be used with or without our 2.0M L-Bow joints.

Nautibuoy inflatable platform with 3 steps for transoms - Nautibuoy Marine

Long Step

The Long Step option is suitable for all sizes of yachts that use an 800 alongside the transom.

Nautibuoy inflatable platform with long step for transoms - Nautibuoy Marine

Short Step

The Short step option is suitable for all sizes of yachts that use an 800 at right angles to the stern as a single platform Jet ski dock or run way to other platforms and toys.

Nautibuoy inflatable platform with short step for transoms - Nautibuoy Marine


Prevent drifting under your transom

Transoms come many shapes and sizes, sometimes there is the potential for platforms to occasionally drift underneath the stern, particularly when being used as a jet-ski dock.

For transoms that are higher than the platforms off the water line, 20cm/7.5", a pair of L-Bows can be the solution. Designed to create extra height the L-Bows add an extra 55cm (21.5") in height to the platform and are suitable for transoms up to 0.45m ( 1'6") off the water line.

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Simply feed through the Air Toggle loops at either end or side of the platform and inflate. The L shape of the pair of inflated tubes sits against the transom, acting as a buffer.

Availabe in 2 different sizes:

  • 1.5m long x 75cm upright (4'9" x 2'4")
  • 2m long x 75cm upright (6'5" x 2'4")
Inflatable platform with transom protecting l-bows - Nautibuoy Marine

Climb on board

Boarding Ladder,
gracefully exit the water

The user-friendly 4-step ladder makes it safe and simple for you to get back on to the platform.

The ladder locks securely and easily into place using the Multipurpose Platform Mountings (MPM’s) positioned at one end of the platform. Further support is provided by the Air Toggle loops that fit snugly under the adapted ladder arms, enabling the ladder to carry up to 100kgs (220lbs).

With the frame fabricated from marine grade 316 stainless steel and with four smooth contour plastic steps, the ladder is a must have accessory for any keen swimmer.

Due to design changes and improvements, the ladder present in the picture may not exactly depict the product purchased by the consumer.


Air Toggle

Linking side by side*

As standard, each platform comes with one air toggle which allow for all T-shape, L-shape and end-to-end connections. When linking side-by-side, longer toggles are needed. To determine the size you require, please see the table.

These longer toggles are available to purchase as a separate accessory.

* Voyager only

Air Toggle size guide
675 800 525 375
675 4.5m 4.0m 3.5m 2.5m
800 4.5m 4.0m 3.5m 2.5m
525 3.5m 3.5m 3.5m 2.5m
375 2.5m 2.5m 2.5m 2.5m