Floating comfort

Accessorise for extra enjoyment

Relaxing so close to the water is one of life’s most enjoyable pleasures. You can enhance your sunbathing and relaxation by adding that extra layer of comfort and luxury to your platform.


Comfort seats


The comfort seat combines quality, beauty and comfort with innovative design. Whether you prefer to relax on the platform, the boat or the beach, the comfort seat makes an ideal spot to unwind.

Made from high quality Sunbrella® fabric specially designed for outdoor use, the comfort seats are hinged to provide both back and leg support. They have no hard exterior parts and come with the added benefit of stowing completely flat.

You don’t have to worry about the seats going overboard. The fastening belt secures the seats to the platform in one easy step. They’ve been designed for easy removal so you can use the seats wherever you choose.

Relaxing Comfort Seat

Luxury headrests


Like bringing your bed pillow to the platform the headrests provide a snug but firm support whilst you stretch out and relax.

 Nautibuoy inflatable platform with women using headrest attachment - Nautibuoy Marine

Classic or luxury

What ever your preference

Take your pick from two superb leisure packs – the Classic or the Luxury Leisure Package.

Both packs comprise two portable comfort seats, two fastening belts and two luxury headrests.

The difference is in the size of the seats.

Luxury comfort seat

195cm x 58cm x 10cm / 6ft 5” x 1ft 11” x 4”

Classic comfort seat

145cm x 48cm x 8cm / 4ft 9” x 1ft 7” x 3”


Securing your accessories

Velcro fastening

All the platforms come as standard, with two soft Velcro strips strategically located on the top surface. The comfort seats and headrests sit firmly on the strips and have been tested for their secure fastening in a University Wave Lab. There’s no fear of losing them to the sea when the wind or swell picks up