Woman serving drinks on inflatable platform at the back of a yacht - Nautibuoy Marine

NautiBuoy L-Bows

In the press: Skipper

NautiBuoy Marine presents the new protectors for its leisure platforms, where guests can relax near the water or dock their jet skis safely while enjoying water sports on the yacht.

L-Bow protectors are L-shaped tubes that fit the platforms and prevent them from moving. They also act as defenses and help compensate for the curve of the yacht.

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Friends relaxing on inflatable platforms with chairs and headrests - Nautibuoy Marine

Droning on in Honeymoon Harbour

In the press: Southern Boating

Droning on and on takes on a different meaning when you’ve got three models, thirteen amazing products, and the bluest waters. Check out our drone footage for a birdseye view of Honeymoon Harbour!

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Couple viewing long inflatable pontoon - Nautibuoy Marine

How to enhance the on board charter experience with an optional beach club

In the press: Boat International

It’s crucial to provide charter guests with plenty of options that will suit everybody on board. While some guests may want to soak up the rays while remaining close enough to the water’s edge for a quick dip to cool off, others may hope for an action-packed day of water toy fun. But how can owners go about pleasing everyone? The answer might be simpler than you think.

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Woman swimming - Nautibuoy Marine

Swimsuit 2018 Behind the Scenes

In the press: Southern Boating

The photoshoot for our 2018 Swimsuit issue was quite the adventure, with just shy of three days to photograph three lovely ladies enjoying 13 different marine-related products.

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Custom seabob dock - Nautibuoy Marine

The Cool 50

In the press: Motor Boat & Yachting Editor’s Choice Awards 2018

It’s all very well owning a nice boat but without the right kit on board you’ll never get to enjoy its full potential. From inexpensive items like clothing and footwear to major investments like stabilisers and tenders, choosing the right piece of equipment can make the difference between a good day out on the water and a great one.

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Couple lying at waters edge on inflatable platform - Nautibuoy Marine

Would you date a NautiBuoy? No, but I’d buy one for my yacht.

In the press: Superyacht Content

Clay Builder, co-founder of NautiBuoy Marine, ran flotillas for Neilson active holidays for several years back in the day. It was during one of those summers he told an Irish lady a joke about potatoes. “Have you always been such a Naughty Boy?” she replied. And lo and behold, the first seed was sown in creating the company as it is known today.

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2 women sitting on waters edge on an inflatable jet ski dock - Nautibuoy Marine

NautiBuoy begins marketing push Mallorca

In the press: Baxter Marine

Porto Portals-based Baxter Marine has been appointed as one of Mallorca´s primary resellers for NautiBuoy Marine – the world´s leader in innovative, multifunctional inflatable floating platforms.

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