Designed for yachtsmen by yachtsmen

It’s all in the details

British design

Our platforms are British designed by ex-superyacht crew with 25 years experience. We have European design protection and 12 patents pending.

Made in Europe

Meticulously hand crafted and made to our exacting specifications by leading industry professionals.


The Platforms are constructed from a dropstich core, with borders made from Mehler German PVC which is know for its strength and durability.

Diamond finish

Our Diamond non- skid PVC surface provides , a robust easy to clean finish with a contemporary look.

Teak finish

Our UV resistant teak look surface is not only soft under foot and comfortable on the skin, it also provides a non-skid floor for safety.
UK, Europe and US patented.

Non-skid surface

Both of our surface finishes Teak or Diamond provide a non-skid surface for safety.

Glued & stitched

Teak effect foam stitched and glued for extra reinforcement.

Easy to remove from the water
Easy to remove from the water

After the ballast water has been expelled, platforms are lightweight to remove
from the water.


What makes it so stable

Our unique ballast system provides incredible stability to the platforms when they’re on the water. Filling up quickly the four ballast bags, positioned in each corner, provide you with a stable surface almost instantly. It couldn’t be easier to remove the platforms after use. The manual dump system has been carefully designed to expel the water rapidly and for you to effortlessly remove the platform from the water.

Ballast system

Wave laboratory tested and refined to give superior stability on the water.

Ballast dump system

The ballast dump system expels all the ballast water from each bag in one simple, easy movement.

Easy to stow

We understand the value of storage space on your yacht. Our platforms can be deflated and rolled into a conveniently stowable protective bag with large internal pockets.


Extremely rigid & stable once inflated due to its dropstitch core and ballast system.

Extra reinforcement

We’ve added a double layer of material to protect against wear and tear from the ladder.

Quick to inflate

Quick and easy to inflate and deflate to 3.6 psi / 250mb. Inflation/deflation times range from 1min 30sec to 3mins 30 secs depending on platform size.

Soft loops

Only soft loops are used on the bottom and edges of the platform to prevent any damage to the topsides, paint and varnish work, as well as the teak deck.

Air Toggle loops

The Air toggle loops have an easy tidy-away Velcro system for when not in use. Quick to release and rapid to secure, they keep the platform looking streamlined.

Multipurpose Platform Mountings

The Multipurpose platform mountings (MPM’s) offer the ability to lock and secure a multiple range of accessories including boarding ladders and hose holders.

Pressure release valve

All our platforms and Air Toggles are fitted with Leafield Marine A6 5.5psi/ 379mb pressure release valves. These ensure the release of excess pressure due to the expansion of air in hot temperatures.


Bravo C7 Halkey Roberts inflation valve with internal protective mesh and an easy push release button. The fitting allows the for the Bravo OV10 pump to be secured into the valve for hands free inflation and deflation.

Lifting handles/Connection points

The Voyager series platform has 4 lifting handles strategically positioned for dual use. They provide lifting points and are used when linking platforms together.

Anchor point

Reinforced double layered 50mm seatbelt webbing, bonded and stitched onto an extra large pad for safety and security. Designed for mooring, anchoring and towing.

Stainless steel D-rings

Heavy duty 316 Stainless D–rings designed with extra large bonded pads, ideal for tying the platform to the vessel or attaching jet- skis and watersports toys to the platform.

Secure accessories

To prevent loss of accessories overboard, 50mm strips of Velcro have been stitched to both the top of the platform and the maintenance cover.

Bravo manual stirrup pump with pressure gauge

Provided for the in ation of the Air Toggle whilst the users are on the water and also
to top up the pressure of the platforms. The pump also allows the monitoring of pressure.
Bravo pump design may vary

Bravo OV10 pump

A compact fast inflating/deflating electric pump with Halkey Roberts connection nozzle. Options are available for 230v and 120v. Maximum inflation 3.6psi/250mb.

Conveniently stowable

All our platforms role up and fit comfortably into our zipless protective bags, which can be stowed under rib collars, in lazarettes or most work lockers.

Seatbelt webbing

For all handles, D-rings and anchor points, industrial 50mm seat belt webbing has been used. The lifesaving technology offers reliable strength and longevity

Connection straps

Made from high strength UV resistant webbing with long-lasting corrosion free buckles, the connection straps add extra security when linking multiple platforms using the Air Toggle System.


Voyager & Sport

Made from 200mm PVC dropstitch with Mehler German PVC borders and ballast bags. Mehler known for their superior quality PVC, offers a trusted alternative to Hypalon.


Ultraviolet light resistance


Weather resistant


High & low temperature resistant


Easy to clean


Wearproof surface


Maintaining shape

The dropstitch can be inflated to high pressures whilst maintaining its shape due to the thousands of polyester threads between two layers of fabric. Once inflated to 5.5 psi, it creates an incredibly solid base and with the addition of four ballast bags provides you with a strong, stable, floating platform.


15649 - 1-2-3 : 2012 Compliant

For your safety the platforms have been rigorously tested to meet strict European regulations (EN) for floating leisure articles for use on the water.

The product has been put through its paces in test houses, wave pools, and on charter and private yachts as prototypes. Through this process design features have been changed and refined, ensuring that you have safe platforms that meet European guidelines.